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European Philharmonia - A tribute to Ennio Morricone



Orkest European Philharmonia + Koor

Vocals Elise Caluwaerts

Dirigent Walter Proost


Volledige playlist:

  • The good, the bad and the Ugly                

  • Once upon a time in West 

  • The Mission

  • Cinema Paradiso

  • The Professional – Chi Mai 

  • Love Affair (Finding each other again)

  • Flying over the clouds (For Love one can die)

  • Metti una sera a cena – Love Circle

  • Giù la testa – Firstful of Dynamite

  • La califfa

  • Deborah’s Thema – Once upon a time in America        

  • Il clan dei Siciliani

  • Maddalena

  • The Untouchables

  • Il segreto

  • Casulties of war

  • The two reasons of life

  • Here’s to you – Sacco e Vanzetti

(er worden géén filmbeelden geprojecteerd i.v.m. rechten)


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